M - Minty Fresh

 Morning Glories

An annual vine that grows rapidly and self-seeds like mad.  I have a morning glory poem on my other blog today,  https://theversesmith.blogspot.com/2021/04/m-mondo.html

Milkweed, Narrowleaf

My native milkweed, a perennial that can be quite invasive if I let it. 

Mexican Red Sunflower

An amazing annual, it grows over 6' tall and bees love it.  It loves the heat, blooms late, but blooms until the first hard frost gets it. 


Grow them because they're easy to grow annuals, are pretty, and pollinators like them.  Don't grow them because they keeps pests away from your vegetables.  They don't.


Not all mints bloom, but here are some of mine that do.

Banana Mint

This is my tender mint.  It dies back completely, scaring me each spring until I see new growth.  I winter it under the overhang, unlike the rest of my mints.

Coyote Mint 

Not a Mentha like the others, a Monardella.  It smells just like mint toothpaste!

Strawberry Mint

 I love this mint! It smells just like strawberry jam!  It blooms and blooms and blooms, and bees love it.  I'll admit, it's one of my most aggressively growing mints, but that's okay, I have room for it.

Woolly Apple Mint 

This mint takes the invasive trophy.  It pops up yards from the existing plants via underground runners.  Pollinators swarm this mint.