Garden Update Between the Letters

 Since my A to Z post for J was up on Saturday in error, I'm a day ahead.  I thought I'd take the opportunity to catch up on what's been happening on the gardening front.  Since it's spring, a lot has been happening on that front!  Here are some highlights.  

I finally got the grass mowed, it's been wet for so long I hadn't gotten to it. In fact, it was still wet, due to some leak yesterday that flooded the back part of my yard, the neighbor next to me, and a bit on the one further on.  I haven't heard where it came from, but it was stopped this morning.  The next door neighbor had the water company out yesterday evening.   It had to have been from the new duplexes behind us, we don't have any water lines at the back of our lots.

So, it was mowed, and I am laying down cardboard to kill the grass between the back fence (where I have old closet doors where a patio of sorts will be, in fact, the old closet doors are functioning as a patio for now) and the brick path I built last spring.  Oh, last spring.  I build that when the entire neighborhood was staying indoors. When we thought a few weeks, or a month of isolation would do it.  This will be an interesting project, as Mickey likes to pick up the cardboard and run off to chew it!

 The strawberries and raspberries are doing well.  I did lose a few strawberries to Mickey before my son and I added netting as a fence.  The raspberries have old wooden sections.  Mickey watches me plant, then after I walk away goes and takes a look. The strawberries poked up just enough for him to grab.  Fortunately, with the strawberries and raspberries both I had a few over the number purchased. 











The Pollinator Garden is coming alive with blooms.

The mystery of the winter is Honesty.  I guess part of its draw are the seed pods.  It's pretty enough, but not exceptionally so.  I have seeds I purchased, but will save them until next year.  Another plant blooming is Persian Catmint.  It will bloom now until frost. 











I planted a few things in the new Knot Garden.  I had to put a little fence around this bed too.  I water it when Mickey isn't watching!

Sage, Roman Chamomile, Creeping Thyme


In the Butterfly Garden the Russell Lupine is starting to open.

 I harvested some Welsh Onions. These are bunching onions, perennials.  They don't form bulbs, but they provide enough onion for most of my recipes.  I grew mine from seed for the flowers, and now use them as green onions too. 

The Draper Blueberry is blooming and some of the blooms are bluing up!  See at the base of the flower, where the stem is, how it's blue?  The white flower will fall off, and that will swell into the berry!  I'll update the photo as they progress.  I find it fascinating.

The tomatoes have been transplanted into larger containers, their last before the beds.  There is one potato leaf, "Black Sea Man," one "Mashenka," and seven others with misplaced labels.  "Chocolate Cherry" and "Purple Russian."  I bought seeds for another, "Betalux," since I thought I was short on red varieties, but it got too late in the season to start them.


 Now that the Litchi Tomatoes are bigger I can easily tell them apart from tomatoes.

The Herb Garden is waking up.  There are flowers now, but all the herbs are out of dormancy and growing like crazy.

 It's not all good growing though.  The most disappointing failure hit this year.  My peas.  This is the first year I didn't get peas to grow to great success. I usually have to pull them out to make room for warmer season plants.  Two different varieties, in two different beds, and barely any of either germinated.  What did are still small.  This bed, below, is the best, and as you can see, I won't be getting any peas.  Artichokes are good companion plants for peas, as are the parsley plants in the other pea bed. 

 This afternoon my son and I took a drive around to look for garage sale left-over freebies.  Not a lot today, but I did pick up a few things.  A metal thing that could be part of a lantern, which I thought might make a fence post decoration.  Four Vegetarian Times magazines.  I'm not a vegetarian, but don't mind meatless meals so long as they don't include tofu or mushrooms.  I could always add meat to the recipes!  A green crate like a very short milk crate. It looks ideal for holding small nursery pots that otherwise fall over on the metal rack where I have them. 

And, a Washington State asparagus box!  Why?  Just interesting. 

That's what's happening, in part, in my garden this weekend.  Tomorrow we'll pick up the A to Z with K.  Thursday will be a busy blog day, with the A to Z and Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  April starts the good stuff!


  1. Looks like your garden is coming along great! I can't wait to see it as spring progresses. Have fun out there!

    1. It really is! Once it starts is gets going quickly.

  2. Lots going on. Seems like it keeps you busy.

    1. It does, especially around now with the wintersowing jugs being transplanted, and direct seeds get planted in a few weeks. All while dealing with a digging puppy who watches me.

  3. Looks like an interesting garden

    1. I think that's a good way to describe it. Or them... The far back is separated from the back near the house by a screen type fence, so that's where I have the vegetable raised beds, the Pollinator Garden, the Butterfly Garden, the new Knot Garden, and a Toss Garden (started with literally tossed seeds and seed heads), which are also raised. Then nearer the house is a deck, with two areas of herbs, and the basic fence plantings here when I moved in. You know, the boring stuff! I spend a lot of time working on the front yard too, adding lots of perennials that flower. More explanation than you asked for, I know!

  4. I wonder if the puppy digs your plants out because they have your smell on them and so are very interesting? Vegetarian Times! They had good recipes but don't publish any more. And still in the wrapper! You're going to need a lot of luck on Craigslist to get the pavers for that patio. Brick, or...?

    1. I'm pretty sure he sees me plant, and then seeds something sticking out of the soil and yanks it out! He did that to a few strawberries, they had little nubbins sticking up. I had to take the bird water/bath away today. It had glass pebbles and Mickey was chewing on them! Turned out he swallowed a few. I notice that when I cleaned up after him today! He is curious.


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