A "Few" New Plants

I may have gone a little hog wild at the nursery Wednesday!  I had a list, and meant to prioritize with 3 or 4 or no more than 5 things, but I ended up with most everything on the list, plus some, 10 in total!  

* 2 dwarf geum "Fire Storm" - Every Six on Saturday I see post after post of geum, and have been meaning to get one for a long time.  Two are even better than one!

* "Sunset Snappy" blanketflower - A compact variety for the front yard.  They are easy to grow from seed, blooming the second year, but I wanted something big enough to hold its own against the neighborhood cats that use the front yard as a litter box.  I'm working on filling in the empty soil areas with perennials. 

* perennial bachelor buttons "Amethyst Dream" - Some of these were in bloom and they are so beautiful!  This one had a seed head I removed to try to propagate more, and now I forget where I put it down. 

* "Powwow Wild Berry" coneflower - I do have one in the backyard, a small one I bought last fall bare root, but really, for the price I paid for mail order I could have gotten one in a gallon container. 

*  "Rocket City" daylily for the front yard.

* "Little Lemon" goldenrod - I planted it in the far back bed, the one near the chain link fence, protected from Mickey by a wire "cage."

* yellow-eyed grass - A native I've tried unsuccessfully to grow from seed.  I have blue-eyed grass (really an iris relative) and love it.  Although they like it moister than the other plants in the bed, so I have to water them more often.  All the little green shoots that look like weeds are probably baby yellow-eyed grass.  When happy they freely self-seed.  Right now they look like fairy garden bearded iris!

* purple sage - I have trouble keeping the special color sages alive for longer than a few years.  Purple, golden, or tri-color, they just don't like my care.  So, we'll see what I can do for this one!  It's planted in the herb garden.

* mountain sandwort - Don't ask, I don't even know what it is! There were a bunch of 4" pots of a pretty little plant, and the description of the flowers and its growth pattern sounded nice! 

Yeah, I went WAY over budget.  But, I think of it this way.  Perennials are investments.  I hate paying for annuals, but I don't mind spending $9 for a daylily that will be around for years.  Plus, some of these will require division and then I'll have more of them for free! 


  1. You went just a teeny bit wild but think of all the joy they will bring you and us too! Have a great weekend Lisa. :)

    1. They will! I don't go out to eat, or drink, or travel, so plants and thrift stores are it beyond necessities! I even get potting soil for holiday gifts!

  2. Yes, these were an investment. Years of fun gardening to come.

  3. Lisa - I am itching to go to the nursery and buy some annuals for my flower baskets; I am holding off until next week - and good thing too - looks like frost tonight! I have perennial blanketflower, coneflower and goldenrod in my garden and I love them all! Thanks for your recent visit to my blog and your comments!

  4. Nice choices! I was especially intrigued by the yellow-eyed grass. From your selections I'm guessing you are in a warmer area than we are.

    1. Yes, I'm in zone 8b. I hope the yellow-eyed grass is as pretty blooming as the blue-eyed one.


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