Flower Frogs and Pansy Pots

A few days ago I shared yard sale finds, including two flower frogs.  I had to find room for these new ones, so took the others out, washed them, rearranged them all, and figured I'd share them all!

So, for your viewing pleasure, my entire flower frog collection!  Don't worry, it's a small collection, just eight (since I can't find the wire and metal basket type ones that were my mother's).

First, my favorite.  I know nothing about it, other than it was my mother's.  That isn't why it's my favorite though.  It's because it's a wonderful matte finish, with art deco style details.  Oh, and the top comes off!  So, it's a flower frog, and a vase for short stemmed flowers.  

Flower arranging was one of the things suburban housewives did in the 60's (and probably earlier, but I was a little girl in the 60's, so saw this firsthand), and my mother took evening classes at the local high school.  She also took Japanese brush painting, apparently, another popular suburban past-time!  It got her out of the house in the evenings! 

Also for short-stems, this flower frog, or "pansy pot."


I haven't been able to identify the maker yet.  Anyone recognize this mark?  I've seen similar by Carmel, but they are clearly marked "Carmel," and the neck is shorter and the top opening a bit larger.  The three "flaws" are actually very prominent pin or stilt marks left from when it was fired in the kiln.


The two I bought Saturdays, already shown here.  The round is circa 40's Japanese;  I have no idea about the one I call "the soap dish!"  

 On to the glass.

These two have little feet to hold them above the vase bottoms.

This next one is designed to fit in the top of a vase for long stemmed flowers.  Not all flower frogs sit in the bottom, like a, well, a frog.

It is thin, and has a lip like a pot lid's.

I didn't have a vase to fit it, but this is how it would work.  The demonstration vase is one I inherited.  It was brought back from China by my paternal grandmother, who was quite a world traveler!


Last, and some may say least, is what is called a spiky frog, or  flower pin.  It works the same way as a frog, just instead of the stems resting in holes, they are skewered on the pins.   You might see them referred to as kenzans, which is the Japanese word for sword mountain.  They are used in the Japanese floral arranging art of ikebana.  

It's hard to imagine a little metal thingy like this could be resold for around $10! 


I got this one as a bonus when buying this Haeger pottery orb vase (sometimes sold as a planter), as it was in the bottom!   If I remember correctly, $4 at St. Vincent de Paul, Haeger sticker still intact.

It's amazing to me that these pottery and glass items have made it close to 100 years (and as it's later than I remember, perhaps more!) without being broken, chipped, or cracked.  Give me something breakable and it will be broken.  Hopefully, I can safe-keep these in my hutch, and never take them out to clean and photograph again!


  1. Fantastic collection, and I still agree the blue one looks like a soap dish lol.

    1. Thanks! :) I've seen them used as pen holders, but the holes in the soap dish are just a bit too small.

  2. For me, so educational, as my knowledge of flower arranging consists of "cut some flowers and see what happens". Now I know more (and I know it isn't a toothbrush holder!) My pansies are blooming their little faces out and I do want to cut some, but I broke my one small vase. I could use one of those just about now. For the frog that sits on top of a vase, I recently bought a little wire contraption that fits onto the top of the vase at our local Wild Birds Unlimited and maybe it's time to hop into something for short stems.

    1. "Cut some flowers and see what happens" is more than I do! If I try to bring any flowers into the house the big cat, Benny, takes it as a snack just for him. Look on eBay, there are flower frogs and pansy pots for under $20 including shipping.

  3. I did not know flower arranging was such a thing. Nice collection.


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