Gardening Stuff for May 11, 2021

 The title of the post says it all, random gardening "stuff" that's been happening. 

Happened across some free iris rhizomes on a curb.  Helpful identification on the leaves!  There are some white ones too.

My original plan was to remove some blue fescue from the front yard and plant the iris in their place.  I ended up removing ALL the blue fescue!  It was cute and pretty... when it was young.  Then it got grassy (well, it would, wouldn't it?), self-seeded everywhere, and the neighborhood cats pooped on top of it when the ground was wet.  

Also, it harbored snails.  If you have an aversion to snails, scroll quickly past the two photos under these showing the two fescue cleared areas I now can plant with something else! 

 Okay, got that out of the way.  

The iris were planted this morning.

The Red Riding Hood penstemon is amazing this year.  It also seems to be the year of the onion chive.









My favorite iris is blooming now.  It's always about a month later than the other kinds.  I don't know what kinds any of my iris are, they were all free off Craigslist or curb plants. 

There was a yard sale down the street.  I picked up a "brass" headboard to use as a trellis or bed fence of some sort.  

The lady threw in this heavy glass mug for free.  It was filthy, but cleaned up nicely. It makes pretty shadows.  The planter behind it is one of the free ones from that huge planter haul last month.  That's a young ornamental oregano I got from a friend.  It will have to be transplanted eventually, but for now it's fine.  The little clay owl was from a yard sale years ago.

 Also, from the same friend, these dahlias.  This is my first year every growing them.  I have always steered clear of anything requiring digging up and storing over the winter.  These are in containers, so I can move them.  Left is Bishop of Dover, right is Kelsey Annie Joy, and below is Totally Tangerine.  The Bishop's ceramic pot held my Mini Blue lavender, which I transplanted into the front yard.   They all have new potting soil, a Mother's Day gift from my son!

 The Pollinator Garden's early spring flowers are blooming.  Later a difference bunch will be flowering.  The purple Persian catmint will still be going strong, but the lupine will be done, and the Sweet William and Siberian wallflower will be over and pulled out.  They'll be replaced by the Three C's of Pollinator Plants, Coneflower, Coreopsis, and Cosmos.!

The temperatures are heating up during the day. This week expects highs in the 80s, and even 90 on Sunday.  

(Blogger is utterly frustrating.  My formatting is set and yet it posts however it wants!  If only WordPress wasn't so hard to understand in setting up a blog.) 


  1. Snails? Ugh. Curbside iris? People don't do that around here - and the giver away person even wrote the color on the leaves? Oregon must be an amazing place, despite the snails. I can't imagine 80's right now. We are in another cold spell right now, and were under a frost warning this morning (didn't get here) but the nice thing is that the cold preserved the flowering tree show for another few days.

    1. Not only wrote the color on the leaves, but had a big sign up reading "free iris," with one of the flowers taped to it! Oregon is quite different from California, even though this part of Southern Oregon has a lot of people from CA. Maybe the "good" Californians? Some resent us. When I was working a woman complained that people moved here from CA with "their ideas." Oh, no! Not ideas! One great thing here is people are more polite drivers. They will let you in if you are signaling to move over! They LET YOU IN!
      Snails. I hadn't seen many at all and don't have a problem with them in the vegetable beds. But, out front, hiding in that fescue? I was shocked!

  2. Your gardening abilities just amaze me Lisa! So nice that you get craigslist and curb finds too, always a bonus. I agree with you about Blogger lately. I've looked at WordPress a few times but just don't feel like dealing with trying to learn how to do it all.

    1. I've started making a WordPress, but only get so far before I just don't know what to do next, or where to find what to do. I check the free stuff on CL a few times a day!


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