Mother's Day Surprise!

My daughter gave me the best Mother's Day gift for a gardening mother!   A Happy Planner Box!  With a plant theme!

 It's not just a planner like daily and weekly pages for schedules, it has things like this.

It came with a bunch of adorable and useful stuff!

Stickers galore of course, 836 of 'em, big and small!

Washi tape, green discs, and page flags.  I have scrapbooking supplies, but have never had any washi tape before!  I do know someone who has hundreds (my estimate).  

There's filler paper, and a couple of bigger stickers.

Look at these divider page designs...

and this canvas tote bag!

Ha!  "Botany!"

💐  💐  💐  💐  💐  💐  💐  💐  💐  💐  💐  💐  💐  💐  💐  💐 

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!

Don't I have an amazing daughter?  She knows me well!


  1. Oh, that last pun! Aargh! In another hour I hope to see my son - with a hanging basket in hand! I wonder what he will surprise me with this year. At times like this I'm grateful he's only about a half hour from me. Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day. I suspect you'll get good use from your kit. I had never heard of washi tape until your post (believe it or not), and am intrigued.

    1. I don't think the kind we get is "real" washi tape, made with traditional materials. It's everywhere, even the dollar stores have it. It's nice your son is close. My youngest is still at home. My daughter is up north, maybe 4 1/2 hours away (without rest stop stops!), and my oldest all the way in Rhode Island.

  2. This is so perfect, have a blast with it! Happy Mother's Day Lisa. :)

    1. I'm hesitant to do too much, for fear of messing it up! My daughter says she just covers mistakes up with stickers!


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