Six on Saturday and Pink Saturday - May 8, 2021

 Six on Saturday 

My favorite today is #6.

"Anything Goes" Pink Saturday (#5 and #6)

1 - Litchi Tomato

 I've never grown, tasted, or seen litchi tomatoes, but they looked interesting to try.  Now that the seedling (one surviving) is larger it's easy to tell it apart from a tomato.  They weren't kidding about the spines!  Actually, on litchi tomatoes they are called prickles.  Look more like spines.  Prickles sound little and cute.  I'm excited to see it growing if only for the novelty.










  2 - Juniper Thyme

Every spring without fail this thyme puts on a show.  Strangely, I've never used Juniper thyme in cooking, I always go straight to the common garden thyme. 

3 - Rose

That's all I know about it, it's a rose that was here when I moved in.  It might be the one the seller wanted to take, but it's so old she probably knew it wouldn't take well to being dug up.  Besides, she was off to travel the country in an RV, what would she do with a rose bush?  It's one of the old ones from back when roses still had an aroma!

4 - Lilac

A lilac in my neighborhood. Quite a bit different from any of the others I've seen on my Mickey walks. I think it's called Sensation. Pretty, but I'm not sure I'd want one for my yard.  A bit flashy.  Plus, I am not fond of plants with blooms so dense they hide the foliage, and this one was a large clump of flowers.

5 - Pollinator Garden 

The first flowers in the Pollinator Garden.  Russell lupine, Persian catmint, Sweet William, and Siberian wallflower.  Quite an International display!  The large green foliage clumps in the center towards the right are purple coneflower.  In a month or so other flowers will have taken over from these, except the Persian catmint, which will be blooming until winter.

 6 - Corn Poppy

Hope you like corn poppies, because once they start blooming I can't stop taking photos of them!  I have some pink, red, and these bicolors so far.  There should be white and orange coming up.  I like everything about them from their funny curved buds to their seed pods (even if those are set on top of ugly dying plants).



  1. Everything is so pretty. The "prickles" on the litchi tomatoes look more like thorns of death lol!

    1. They do! All the info online warns about them when harvesting.

  2. Love poppies, keep 'em coming!

    1. I don't know why, but the year before last was the first year I grew any besides CA poppies. Then they came in a mixed seed packet, so I had no choice. Now, they are my favorite in the front yard. The ones in the back were all red, pretty, but boring.

  3. I once grew "pumpkin on a stick" for flower arrangements. Same thorns as the litchi so I knew they must be in the same family and they are, solanum. The plant made little fruits all along a stiff stem that looked just like mini pumpkins.

    1. I hadn't heard of that one! I looked it up, and haven't seen it either, except in photos. Odd looking.

  4. Very pretty photos ... this lilac: a beauty!
    Regarding litchi tomatoes, do you know the true name? a sort of solanum but which one? Will you eat them?

    1. Solanum sisymbriifolium. In France, according to Baker Creek Seeds, Morelle de Balbis. I will try them, yes. They are supposed to taste like tomato and cherry.


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