Thursday Thirteen

I had fallen down a rabbit hole on Monday, and by Wednesday was making my way out.  I turned a corner and found this weekly "event," a meme or a blog-hop or what have you. New Thursday 13 Here's what it is: "Welcome to Thursday Thirteen, home of the easy meme where you make a list of 13 things on Thursdays." Could that be true, 13 things that I get to pick?  No set questions or topic?  My mind went in 13 directions, realizing the freedom! 

At any rate, I was thrilled for two reasons beyond the pick-your-own-topic(s). 

One, Thursdays are dull blogging days.  Yes, there is the twice a month tree love, but I don't always have a handy tree to post.  I could always resort to a Throw-Back Thursday, and might in the future, but that's a last resort.  So, here's a new reason to post on Thursday.  Long may it last, apparently the number of participants has dropped off.  So, how about you?  13 things on Thursday you could share?  Anything?  Everything?  

Two, one of the hostesses is actually someone I "know" from my other blog,   When I think how big the blogging community is, it's amazing when I find crossovers, and this isn't the first time!  It's like a school child seeing his or her teacher in the grocery store!  "What are you doing here?" 

So, let's get started!  This first Thursday bunch might be a bit wordy, or not.  I checked out other posts and some are simple lists, others more like mine. 

1 - After days of sunshine and temperatures in the high 80's and even a few just over 90, yesterday was back to 60 at the most.  Cloudy too.  By 8:00pm it was raining!  First time in a while, it smelled so good!  Today isn't even supposed to hit 60!

2 - Rain means I don't have to water, at least today.  Mickey (7 months old now) chewed the ends off two of my hoses.  I have the short one in the front yard, and one long one that can attach to the tap in the back.  The one that attaches to the tap has holes (old hose holes, not chews).  I have to hold my thumb over the ends of both to make a spray to water since I can't screw on a nozzle.  I NEED to get a new one so I can attach a sprinkler!  

3 - Mickey and I took a longer than usual walk Wednesday morning.  Usual is to the park and back, this time we went out the far park exit and took the side streets home. We passed this empty house. I'd even call it abandoned.  I wonder if the fence was cut low to allow visibility in case anyone squats inside? 

4 - Apologies if you have trouble getting this sight out of your brain!  My daughter joked she needed to go wash her eyes out after seeing it.  At least, I think she was joking.

5 - Yes, Oregon is Bigfoot country too, that's not just Washington State.  It's more popular up farther north though.  

6 - I just learned Tuesday that the Pacific North West has another cryptid, the wapaloosie.  Covered in  velvety fur, the wapaloosie is the size of a weiner-dog.  It has feet like woodpeckers and a spike-tipped tail.  It climbs trees like an inchworm to eat shelf fungus.  All the illustrations I find show it with squirrel-ish ears.  

7 - Shelf fungus is killing my lilac bush.  Should I be on the look-out for a wapaloosie?  Shelf, or bracket, fungus is quite beautiful, but decomposes trees from the inside out.