Monday Morning Miscellaneous

Some things in the garden this morning.  

The monster volunteer is taking over.   

It's leaves are huge!  There's another, smaller one, about 12' from this one.  I'll be disappointed it if it's a summer squash, I do not eat them.  At all.  

White borage in the back bed is looking good, maybe too good by the looks of those leaves and no flowers.  Sometimes soil can be too fertile and all the plant's growth goes into foliage. The pointier leaves at the end are artichokes.  I forgot I threw seeds I'd saved from last year in there.  I don't need to save artichoke seed, who needs dozens of artichokes?  I guess I could have germinated them and given them away...

Speaking of summer squash, there is no way this could be what it looks like!  I did NOT plant zucchini, would never plant zucchini, and never had any seeds to zucchini!

The Growable Calendar plants are doing nicely.  These are the wild mallow and purple tansy planted out about 10 days ago. Previous posts about the calendar here and here

Their chives have germinated!  I have never had an allium germinate so quickly!  These were sown on the 17th. 

The red clover was sown the same day, and came up a few days ago.

The German thyme is looking like thyme!

Here's how to get your Growable Calendar with organic seed paper.

I had to zoom in a bit much on this next one so the skipper wouldn't skip off, so I was standing quite far off and the photo isn't clear.  I thought the perennial bachelor button had died in that heat we had a few weeks ago, but it was just the old stems.  There is a lot of new growth and, as you can see, new flowers! 

 Then, this pretty zinnia opened.  I mistook it at first for a marigold! 

This is a drone-fly (probably), a type of hoverfly.  They are called that because they look like drone bees.  But, drone-flies have no waist and only one pair of wings.  I wouldn't want to come across their larvae for two reasons.  One, they live in muddy water.  Two, they are called "rat tailed maggots," and I just don't like the idea of that! 

Now, it's not morning anymore, but I started this out before noon, so I'm not changing the title. 


  1. Those are some huge leaves. I wonder where the mystery squash came from. Hopefully it's not squash. Is there someone you could give it away to?

    1. It's quite mysterious, especially since there are more than one. Yes, I can give them to Barb K, the poster below!

  2. Those leaves on the first one really are huge! I can't wait to find out what the surprises are! I would have taken all the artichokes, I could eat a few every single day - yum!

    1. The plant seems to double in size every few days, especially now that it's starting to put out vines! It's not even growing in a bed, so the soil isn't something I've amended. It's growing out of the edge between a paving stone and the dirt. I like artichokes too, but I find so many earwigs down in the leaves it turns me off eating them. I let them go to flower.

  3. I'm curious about your mystery squash, because...well, those leaves really do look like zucchini. (Unlike you, I am a fan.) I would have taken some of your artichokes, too.

    1. Most people seem to like zucchini. I've never liked summer squash, to the point of not even feeding my children the squash baby food! I managed to eat some my late MIL made, only because it was cut into little circles, dredged in flour and Parmesan, and pan fried. Couldn't taste it! But, don't try to tell me you can't taste it shredded in chocolate cake!

  4. Replies
    1. You can have any zucchini I may get! I'll send you some pictures tomorrow. There are some that look just like them. They'd better turn into Cushaw green striped pumpkins! Also, the monster plant's female flower is shaped rounder than a zucchini.


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