Six on Saturday - October 23, 2021

Six on Saturday, wet, windy Saturday.

I have four new plants from Shooting Star Nursery, so that's four out of the six.

1 - Little Lemon Goldenrod

I bought one of these in May for the backyard, and loved it so much I got one for the front.  It's not much to look at right now, and even less than in the photo since I cut off the rest of the old growth. 

 2 - Margarita Bop Penstemon 

I opted for the 4" (3 1/2" for the sedum) sizes on these next three, they're half the price or less than the gallon.  Do you know where the "Bop" in the name came from?  I didn't until I read it at the nursery!  Makes sense.

 3 - Santa Barbara Daisy

The white flowers turn pink then purple... or it might be purple then pink.  Mine has no flowers right now.  I like to pick the plants with new growth rather than flowers. 

 4 - Sunsparkler "Dazzleberry" Sedum

 5 - Euphorbia

I left these at the nursery since I don't care for the plants.  I did admire their leaf colors though.

 6 - Purplish Copper Butterfly on Raydon's Favorite Aster

This was also at the nursery.  The asters were the plants with the pollinators that day.  I'd never seen a Purplish Copper before.  I think this one was female.  I was just able to resist buying one of the asters.  I don't think that resistance will last forever though.  They were among the few flowers still in full bloom. 

 The little fellas are transplanted into larger containers for the winter.  I might plant the sedum.




  1. Bop - I like that backstory. I, personally, would have fallen right in love with that euphorbia. I have to admit, they aren't my favorite plant, either. We have a nonvariegated one that is a bit aggressive, and after it blooms it sprawls all over the place. We also have a variegated one and it barely hangs on year after year. Finally, if you don't resist that aster and buy one, I don't think you'll regret it.

  2. I love euphorbias and these are just beautiful ... you should have brought them home.

  3. I read through your post then followed the link to Shooting Star Nursery. I am endlessly fascinated by what people grow in different parts of the world, always more surprised when they're growing the same things as me as when they're not. It's the same with nursery lists; behind each familiar name is a story of how it got from here to there or vice versa and each unfamiliar name begs the question of why I can't get that here.
    I'd have been sorely tempted by the Euphorbias but have planted and lost several over the years. I don't think they like having their roots in very moisture retentive compost, at least not when they hit our warm, wet winters. Which got me wondering what growing media your nursery industry grows containerised plants in. Here it's still mostly peat in spite of years of campaigns for gardeners to stop using it.


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