Thursday Thirteen - December 2, 2021

 Thursday Thirteen

I took pictures of the different bed areas of my backyard yesterday.   Beds and areas are named so I can keep track of where things are growing, like "I planted the hardy geranium in the Pollinator Garden."  There aren't the colors spring and summer flowers bring, but the new growth for spring 2022 is already showing.

Here are 13.

1. Pollinator Garden

2. Strawberry Bed

3. Knot Garden ("real" ones use plants to form the shape, mine is curved edgers)

4. Butterfly Garden

5. Bed #3

6. Asparagus Bed (no asparagus, but there used to be) 

7. Toss Garden (began with actual tossed seed heads and leftover seeds) and Raspberry Bed (not counted in the 13)

8. Bed #3

9. Bed #4/Pool Bed (recycling container to deter pesky puppies)

10. Bed #1 (yes, that's the spine of an old patio umbrella, it's a good trellis!)

11. Bed #2

12. Bed #5

13. Herb Gardens (there are two sections, the far one built and planted first)

The Herb Gardens are right off the deck which is right off my bedroom, the others are all in what I call the "far back" yard.  There was nothing there when I moved in but the asparagus and grass.  There's still some grass but not nearly as much, and it's on the way out.  There is a lawn of sorts off the deck.  Of sorts in that it's pretty weed, lumpy, and dog-torn.  I'm not much for manicured lawns!  I'd rather have a happy dog that does figure eights around the fire ring! 


  1. I love your garden--we do containers on our back patio, usually veggies. Can't wait to see this in bloom!

  2. What wonderful spaces you have for your garden(s)!

  3. Wow. That looks like a lot of work. I hate our yard - all my husband does is mow. I keep mumbling, "astroturf" during the summer. I look forward to shots in the coming year.

  4. I really admire your dedication to these lovely gardens!

  5. I like the names. It makes it sound lived in.

  6. I know it's a lot of work to maintain all those beds - a labor of love. A lot still green, too.


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