Tuesday Treasures - December 7, 2021

 I quick stop at the Goodwill As-Is store yesterday (aka "the bins").  They weren't switching any more bins out since it was late in the afternoon. I'll have to remember that, since there was nearly no glassware and that's my favorite part of rummaging around!  

I did manage to find a few interesting items.

A repurposed wood Christmas/Winter outdoor decor snowman.  These big or heavy items, if not priced otherwise, are $2.  These would be so easy to make and charge so much more than $2!

The "general salvage" items came to $5.88 ($1.59 lb.)

Marked Simeon L. & George H. Rogers Co. Nickel Silver 9 3/4" soup ladle.  From 1900, the pattern is Webster/Warren, designed by Walter L. Wilks.  Nickel silver is not silver!  It's an allow of 60% copper, equal amounts of nickel and zinc, with a small percentage of tin.  This alloy is either called nickel silver, German silver, or... alpaca silver.  Alpaca?  It was developed in Germany during a competition to create an alloy most similar in looks to sterling silver.  It's collectible, but has no scrap value.

More Tupperware, and other, cookie cutters.  Duplicates of the turkey, Christmas tree, and birthday cake. The little Santa face is marked Hallmark, the green shamrock, Tupperware.

I love the pig!  Some online sources call it Porky Pig, from 1963.  Now, I don't think Porky ever struck this pose!    It looks like a demure girl piggy with a dainty trotter to her lips, more of a "come hither" look than Porky would give!  Sorry, Santa.

A vintage strainer/potato ricer/press. It has a bit of the original green paint.  I often find vintage kitchen tools in the bins. 

Wooden autumnal decor I'm going to hang on the fence out back.  Incredibly, this bears an original price tag of $17.50! 

 Another rustic decor item, but I'm not sure how I'll display this one.  It's like those paper chains, but made of recycled metal.  Or metal made to look recycled, the strips are rusted.  They're painted with swipes of chalk-paint.  Unusual, which is why I didn't leave it.

 A Christmas "radio" that came with the information that the lights work, but no music plays.  Electronic items are .59 lb, so this was 84 cents.  My son opened it up to fiddle with it, and found it has no speaker!  It probably came that way (like when you get something from Amazon and they just say "donate it" rather than send it back, and they send a new one), and they gave it to Goodwill with the warning.  Still cute lit up.

Also, a little framed tile with a note in French on the back.  But, the image isn't "The belltower of Aups" as the note translated.  I'm not keeping it.

Last, but certainly not least, since I hear it squeaking right now, is a floppy hound dog toy.  I knew it was a dog toy since it had squeakers in its feet!  Mickey took right to it, and has been carrying it around all evening.  Took it outside, brought it inside, stuck its head in the pet water jug... something he does with only his animal toys.  Is he giving them a drink?  Drowning them? It's pretty disgusting when he does that and then thrusts them on your lap to play!

I'm glad I got to the bins when I did.  A bit later I was wondering how it could NOT be bedtime yet, I was so tired!  Then, I remembered why I would be unusually tired.  I got my COVID booster earlier in the day!  Yay!  It was great to see such a long line for the drive-through clinic at our fair grounds.


  1. That is so interesting about the animal toys. How does he know they are animals? You think a dog has no power of discernment, but he recognizes sewn in eyes, etc.! It is amazing to think about how much they really know! And yet, when he puts the wet toy in your lap it's like "what's the problem?"

    1. Mickey is very strange. Animals do know so much more than we give them credit for. Or, we (humankind) don't want to acknowledge how smart they are or we'd be obligated to treat them better.

  2. I am amazed at your knowledge - I would have no clue, if I rummaged through those bins. But I can always learn. The soup ladle is something I might have bought "just because".

    1. I usually learn about things after the fact! With bin prices I don't mind being wrong, but I generally buy only what I like anyway. At thrift stores proper I might take a photo and put it in the Google Photo app that matches with Google Lens. The hallmark on the ladle was too small to read even with my glasses there, but cheap enough to take a chance in case it was silver. Not, but still interesting.

  3. Yay boosters! I actually went to a thrift store last week. Amazing all the stuff they have. Although, I would never find the stuff that you find.

    1. I tried to go to St. Vincent de Paul today and there was not a single parking place! They're selling Christmas trees too, so that might account for it.


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