The Front Yard - May 25, 2022

 I'm pleased with the spring front yard, if I ignore the many weeds.  Later on, in summer, the corn flowers will be gone and the daylilies will take over.  It's a real shame the corn poppies and CA poppies are so weedy.  I have pulled out at least half (or was half until the CA poppies started on a new generations) as they were shading and choking out my perennials.  Corn poppies are known by a lot of names, here's a link to a post I made about them.  

The reds are the famous ones, but the pinks are my favorite.







I have a lot more red this year, as seen in the background of these iris photos.  On the left is a tall free-on-the-curb variety, the one of the right is so far my favorite, Discovered Treasure.




Another iris blooming is Wabash.   It's quite a small flower in comparison to the others.

 Mountain Sandwort

 I think if I had to grow just one flowering plant it would be Persian catmint.  Here one of my many is blooming with blue flax.

 And behind the Wabash iris.

My one and only decent looking ornamental allium.  Maybe Purple Sensation.


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    1. Thank you. I like how things are doing this year. Last year wasn't the best for flowers.

  2. Replies
    1. Things are looking nice with the rain we had.

  3. The Discovered Treasure is a treasure. All your flowers are so pretty!

    1. It's my favorite so far. By far.


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