Tuesday Treasures - Garage Sale Finds - May 17, 2022


    Hey!  Oregon! 

It's Election Day!  Get your ballots turned in or postmarked.  It's the primary election for Governor, not something to skip!

It had been raining for days before this Craigslist advertised garage sale, but that didn't stop me from driving past the address to see if it was still happening.  It was, literally in the garage.  

Nice stuff.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, I purposely only had $10 in ones available.  Things were cheap enough that I got a lot for $5.

This 6" signed vase has been a bugger to photograph.  The blue glaze was added after the brown (the brown areas are lower), and the blue reflects light no matter where I put it.  These are the best I can get.  It's really beautiful.  $1

I love this pottery planter/pot.  Only 2" high and 5" at its widest, the trim glaze is some sort that looks like the bubbles popped (I know nothing of pottery techniques, so it might have a name!).  50 cents

This 60's-70's Sheridan Hotel ashtray was 25 cents.  Added it to my heavy glass ashtray collection that will never see an ash!

 Two books and a hand enameled 3 x 3 Spanish tile as well.

There went half my $10.  I seriously looked at a lot of other items.  There were many nice vases, glassware, and vintage.  In the end, or what I thought was the end, I went back to the car, had second thoughts, and was very happy it was a rainy day and there were no other customers!  Why?

My first ever fairy light!  Not only have I never seen any fairy lights at garage sales or in thrift stores, it was the first fairy light I'd ever seen for real!  They are quite the collector item, even if not what I consider "old," being a 60's vintage made by Indiana Glass.   This photo was taken with it perched on my dashboard, just after buying it.  See, it was raining.  Pristine condition.  $5  The pattern is called Stars and Bars.  It was made in other colors, this is amber.


It's the larger fairy light, 6 1/2", for a larger votive candle.  Originally these were made to hold a short candle that was coated in paper.  The candle would sit in a small pool of water and could be left for up to 9 hours, which was considered safer than leaving kerosene lanterns or regular candles burning all night.  Keep your eyes out for the two parts being sold separately, as I've learned that many thrift store employees/volunteers don't know they go together.  The bottom looks like a candy dish, but does have little pieces that stick out to hold up the top, chimney, part.

It paid to brave the rain!


  1. I don't think I've knowingly seen one, either, and I would also be one of those volunteers who didn't know that these consist of two pieces that fit together.


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