Monday Miscellany - June 27, 2022

 I haven't had any good photos for Blue Monday & Ruby Tuesday Too in a while.  I guess this isn't really a "good" one either, but it is blue and red, and was going to be included in a Tuesday Treasures post anyway.

 I got this out of the Goodwill Bins for the frame, and while I don't want the painting, found it interesting and both my son and I spent a lot of time online researching the subject.  It's an original painting signed S. Reed.  On the back of the frame is the name "Scott Sherman."  Google Lens and Bing search both bring up a poster for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, N.Y. with a slalom skier in the same clothing. We even looked up participants, although this may be a random skier.  I'm not a sports fan, or a skier (tried twice, not for me!), so won't be keeping the painting, just the frame.


On to the "miscellany" in the post title.

I got this adorable pink flamingo planter at a thrift store yesterday.  No, this isn't an extra thrift store post, this is a gardening item!  It wouldn't have lasted long and was still on the rack with the new items yet to be shelved.  People were pointing it out seeing it in my basket.  I met two very nice like-minded women while shopping. We talked of dogs, rescues, thrifting, gardening... 


The far back yard was flooded this morning, and as of now is still being flooded.  This happened last year too, when someone on a parallel street went on vacation, and their house sitter left the water running in the yard.  My next door neighbor might remember which house, he'd called the water district to find out if there was a line break and they located the problem.  His yard was flooded too, although I'm a tiny bit lower at the back, so it runs this way.  Mickey was confused, then delighted to have standing water to splash and dig around in!  What a waste of water.


When I bought a plant last year at the Master Gardeners' sale it came with a little common mullein growing with it.  In the link you can see its fuzzy leaves in with the sneezeweed. I removed it and planted it in the beds by my back fence.  It's blooming now.


The weekend's heat (102 and 105 degrees F) did the peas in.  The leaves turned crispy.

Even the nasturtiums couldn't take it, and they like warm weather.  They weren't even in full sun.  

Today's forecast a cooler 99F.    🙄



  1. That is a really cool flamingo.

    1. I agree! I was fortunate to come in just as they were putting the new items out. (Lisa)


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