Wordy Wednesday - June 29, 2022

It's quite a bit cooler today than the weekend, when Sunday did get to 105! I need to get out and water, which is becoming more and more of an unwelcome chore lugging the hose around.  I have to keep Mickey in the house when I water, he LOVES the hose and won't stay out of the stream.  One of his vocabulary words is "water," and when I say it outside he runs to the faucet and waits, knowing I'm going to fill the watering cans and he can snap at the stream!

Speaking of Mickey... did you know he had an Instagram?  He does!


This pretty opened today.  I'd been wondering what I'd transplanted (I am so negligent taking notes!).  It's Incredible Swirl coreopsis, a half-hardy one.  Half-hardy means it might survive some frosts, but don't count on it.  It looks, in flower and plant, like the tall plains coreopsis, but white and burgundy.   I'll definitely save some seeds. 

My own Stella D' Oro is blooming.  These are the very cheap (2/$3 box) from Walmart in 2020.  Yeah, it took two years, but look at the savings! 

I don't know how the poppies ended up in the back blueberry bed.  I guess I tossed seeds there. 

There are different ones from the front yard (which are done and removed), one a pretty ruffly white.

It has green anthers!  


This pale pink one has green against a deeper pink. 

This was the Toss Garden Monday evening. Lots of black-eyed Susans!  This is the bronze fennel's second year.

 There's a magnolia tree a few doors down, and this autumn leaf finally blew off and into my yard. 

I know I just shared a picture of Powwow Wild Berry coneflower, but more have opened, and I'm so thrilled with it.

 Lastly, a eleven hole flower frog I got down the street last week at a garage sale.  More about that sale in the future.
Have a nice Wednesday.


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