Shadow Shot Sunday - July 3, 2022

We had the strangest sudden rain storm yesterday evening. Of course, I'd just watered earlier in the day!  It started with dark skies, thunder and lightning (come back Friday for that post), and huge raindrops.  Huge.  I never thought how raindrops could be different sizes before.

Poor Mickey, besides the infrequent (so far) firework booms, he had to contend with thunder. 

Now, to Sunday's Main Event,

Shadow Shot Sunday

My son took this first photo of a shadow of a pothos I have on top of a kitchen cabinet.  He told me I could use it for my "Thursday shadow" post.  At least he remembered there is a weekly shadow post, even if he got the day of the week wrong!  

(Yeah, the cabinet is grubby.  It was supposed to be painted yellow years ago, but I keep putting it off! That's the cat food and dog toy overstock cabinet.)

Two other shadows from inside my house.

The lights in my front door caused these.  You can't see it well here, but they looked three dimensional. 

The front window shadows on the living room ceiling.   There are the two mixed medias, Kanalen I and Kanalen II.  

Enjoy your Sunday. 


  1. Your rainstorm sounds like the one we had a couple weeks ago. I'd never seen rain drops on the pavement that huge before, but that lasted maybe two minutes.

  2. Nice captures, between the shadows and the raindrops. I realized years ago that raindrops were different sizes - I could see that, having been walking many times when rain started and you can see it where the raindrops land on the dry sidewalk. But I never knew why. Just something to accept.


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