Start to Another Great Weekend in the Herb Garden! - April, 2012

Woke up to a warm sunny day.  Time to plant the herbs!

Wanting to do it right, I drew a chart of herb heights and spread, then set the herbs still in their pots in place.

Looked perfect!  So, I got them in the ground, added a flat rock in the middle of the bed, and surrounded some of the herbs with pretty stones (no shortage of rocks in my yard!).  There is plenty of room for some more herbs, so I am looking forward to another trip to the garden center this weekend!


Ileft the plastic markers for the time being.  I gathered up a bunch of flat stones (remember, I did say I have a lot of rocks!) to paint as garden markers.

stones for garden markers

Catmint (catnip) grows quite large, so I planted it in the bean planter in the back.  Also, parsley has a long taproot (although I didn't see one at all) so it is now in one of the cinder block holes.

tripled curled parsley

catmint (or catnip)

Lots more has happened this weekend in the garden, and it isn't even 11:00am!  But, one of the dogs has to get her rabies shot, so we're off. 


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