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Sunday Stamps - April 21, 2024

 Dragons and Saints!  That's the theme of this weeks Sunday Stamps . No Saint George and the Dragon, but I did come up with one dragon and three saints. The dragon is the Welsh Dragon on this 1958 stamp from Great Britain.  Not a Welsh stamp.  In Welsh it is called  "Y Ddraig Goch,"which means "the red dragon."  1958 was the first year the Welsh Dragon appeared on the stamps of Great Britain.  It also commemorates the Sixth British  Empire and Commonwealth Games .  Now, it's simply called "Commonwealth Games."  King Louis IX on a 1967 French stamp.  Wait!  You thought this was about saints, right?  It is!  King Louis IX was so distinguished in leading Crusades in the 1200s, after he died (1270) the Roman Catholic Church made him a saint to honor him in 1297.  He is commonly revered (to those who revere him) as Saint Louis.   Yes, the city in Missouri is named for the Saint King.    Saint James, Spain 1971.  It's from an altar carving in Pistoia

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