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They're Here! They're Here! (and pet monkey business)

The Dollar Tree seeds are here!   And they're still 25¢ a pack!  I got mostly annuals.  I also got garden sage and thyme, again.  I can't have too much sage and thyme!  It grows really well from these seeds.  Also, a pack of lavender and cilantro.  Waltham butternut winter squash thrown in, because 25¢. If you wonder, yes, they are GMO free.  You couldn't buy GMO seeds if you tried, all the garden seeds sold to the public, from all companies, are GMO free.    Also, the grocery store has their summer blooming bulbs in.  They cost $1 more than last year, but what isn't more than last year.  I only got one box of 8 rain lilies.  I have never had any other than pink bloom.  Maybe this batch? I had to get a new keyboard yesterday.  The night before Baby Cat had a little hairball accident on my old one.  She's just eaten.  I was not going to try to clean out that keyboard!  So, before driving all the way to Walmart (we have two in town) I looked at Goodwill and St. Vince

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