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New Dawn Climbing Roses - May 27, 2023

Joining in with my pink roses for  " Anything Goes" Pink Saturday !  Late in the day to post, but my computer was not cooperating with my iPhone, or my iPhone was not cooperating with my computer.  Whichever way the lack of cooperation was going, it caused a lack of importing photos.   This is New Dawn, a climbing rose.  I bought three in 2012 (wow, I didn't know they were that old already!) and two are still with me.  At the time I was under the impression that Jackson and Perkins was still selling roses out of Oregon.  I was wrong, they came from South Carolina, from a company using the name of the closed Oregon company.   Did you notice the bee in the rose on the right?  It was sleeping.  When bees can't make it back to their nests with night temperatures dropping, they huddle down inside flowers.  It can be 18° warmer near a nectar source.   Bees don't fly when it's below 50° because it uses up their nectar stores.  Male bees that don't go back to a n

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