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R - A Rose By Any Other Name...

Rain Lily   Rain lilies grow from spring-planted bulbs, mine only from the grocery store at $2.98 for 8 bulbs.  I've bought them twice, and wish I'd bought more this year.  The flowers pop up after a rain; that's why they're called "rain lilies." But mine always bloom after the sprinklers  have been on them during the summer!  They do come in other colors, mine all bloom this pink.   Rockroses Rockroses aren't very attractive plants until they bloom.  The pink one is "Sunset," I forget what the white one is.  I have two Sunsets and one white between the sidewalk and my front yard plantings, like a little hedge of sorts.  These are Cistus, not Helianthemum, sometimes called rockrose or sunrose. Rocket Larkspur An pretty annual I first grew from a box of mixed seeds from the Dollar Tree.  Now,  I buy the seeds on their own.   They also self-seed. Rose I have two roses.  Yes, only two.  Roses are pretty high maintenance, so I skip them.  I have the

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