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Making Garden Plans

Now that I have my seeds it's time to plant where to put them if they all grow!  Just speaking of vegetables and herbs here, the flowers will be tucked in here and there.  It is not too early to do this, for several reasons.  It helps me know if I need for seeds of course!  But, I plant peas in February, so do need to plan where they'll be and what other vegetables are late enough in the season to replace the peas when they're through.  I have four basic steps.  One, a chart laying out the planting areas.  Two, determination of what I am  planting, and how much room will be needed.  This also includes what can be planted together; not all plants are "friends."  I also need to know what can grow in containers, and what size containers I have.  Lastly, putting it all together as seen below.  The first thing I did was to draw up a physical diagram on physical real paper graph paper.  I'm old school that way, I like the physical materials and using a sharp pencil

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