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Fridays are For Florals and Skies - January 21, 2022

 So, it's Friday, and today I'm posting skies for Skywatch Friday and flower photos for Floral Friday Fotos .   I've had some pretty skies, and some pretty flowers that make me forget we still have a lot of winter left. This first sky was around 5:30 pm on Thursday from the grocery store parking lot.  These next three were sunset yesterday. 5:10 pm   5:15 pm, the color was gone. Crocus always begin blooming in January for me.  It certainly feels like spring is near when I see them.  These are in the herb garden.   The calendulas haven't stopped blooming, and since the weather has been milder than a few weeks ago, the flowers are looking much nicer than they did.  I like these ones tipped with darker color. Have a nice Friday.

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