Sunday, June 29, 2014

WOW! The garden's really taken off!

I forget year to year how quickly the garden starts growing once warm weather arrives!  There are...


Ace - June 29

Sungold (cherry) - June 29

bush beans - June 29

lemon cucumber - June 29

lemon cucumber - June 29

compost heap squash volunteers - June 29


Golden Wonder bell - June 29

Blue Crop (5 bushes) and Legacy (1 bush) blueberries - June 29

I'm getting enough to freeze!  Plus I am making blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning.
The boysenberries are finished, but for a dozen or so individual berries.  I have a few bags of berries frozen. It was their first year producing, so I think future harvests will be larger.

Boo loves to garden.  Here he is checking for pests. Not really, he's the pest searching for his tennis ball!  I am not sure what I dug into that part of the bed to get the plants so big and healthy.  Those marigolds are going to take over.  The cucumbers have a long summer's growth ahead of them, but they are already forming fruit.  

I am off to bake those blueberry muffins! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Boysenberry Pie

If a picture tells a thousand words, a few pictures must tell a million... so I will get straight to the boysenberry pie!

Nothing much more to say about it other than it was delicious, and that I am picking more berries this morning!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Berry Update for June 2014

Raspberries!  Oh, they are so delicious!  I haven't had freshly picked raspberries since I was a little girl on vacations in Fort Bragg, CA.  I only have one plant currently producing berries, so am really looking forward to next year (hopefully) when the baby plants bear fruit!  There are no photos of the handfuls I pick each morning, since my daughter and I gobble them up before I remember I need to get a picture!  It's a Meeker raspberry, which produce well in the Pacific Northwest.  Seeing how long the vines grew, I will need to move it once the bed for the new plants is finished.  That needs to be soon, as there are are now baby raspberry suckers coming out the drainage holes of the plants awaiting the bed! 

Meeker raspberries - almost ripe!

waiting for their new bed
The blueberries are getting plump!

Legacy Blueberries - June 2014

and numerous...

Bluecrop Blueberries - June 2014
I am harvesting more strawberries a day than we can eat, so I am freezing some.  The first ripe ones were lost to sow bugs/slugs/something.  I used diatomaceous earth, which didn't help.  So, I have resorted to Cory's snail and insect bait.  Now I get most of the strawberries, around 5:1 for me!  They smell just like sweet strawberry jam. I have no idea what kind of strawberries they are, other than June bearing. 

The boysenberries are ripening!  This is their first crop and I am so excited!  I have eaten two so far, and they tasted like pie!  There will be so many ripening at once, a pie is the first thing I am going to make! When they are ripe the berries are nearly as dark as blackberries, one of the boysenberry's parent.  Actually, these may be tayberries, the woman who gave me the bareroot canes wasn't sure which they were, boysenberry or tay.  Tayberries are a hybrid of blackberries and raspberries.  Boysenberries are a blackberry, raspberry, and dewberry cross. 

Updates on peas, tomatoes, peppers, compost pile volunteers, etc. to be coming soon!   This is an African daisy...