Sunday, May 6, 2012

Transplanting a Bit Early

The last frost date is May 15, and today is the 6th.  I checked the 10 day forecast, and no freezing nights are expected, so I went ahead and transplanted a few of my peat pot veggies.  Only a few, I held some back in case it does get a little cold for them still.  Also, I plan to direct seed most of them too.  I was envious of the transplants at the Spring Garden Fair this weekend.  So many were much larger than mine.  That is why I bought  lemon cucumbers there when I had such poor luck with them myself.

I transplanted 2 gourds, 2 or 3 each of Jack Be Little and Baby Boo pumpkins (I now don't remember which container is which), 2 Summer Dance cucumbers, 3 Cinderella pumpkins, 3 watermelon, and one cantaloupe.  Also, the two lemon cucumbers I bought at the Fair, which you can see where so much larger than my own wimpy seedlings! 

Summer Dance Cucumbers (poor tiny things)
Turban Gourds

Since I dried the gourd seeds myself, I am quite proud of the fact they are growing so well, so far.

Either Baby Boo or Jack Be Little Pumpkins
Either Jack Be Little or Baby Boo Pumpkins
I planted these tiny pumpkins and failed to note which variety they were when I planted them.  Simple... white fruit, they are Baby Boo, orange then Jack B.

Sugar Baby Watermelon
Charentais Cantaloupe

The Cantaloupe are teeny, tiny.  The directions on the packet were to direct seed only, which I will, but in general  cantaloupe can be transplanted, so I am trying both.

I find it hard to believe how much smaller watermelon plants are than pumpkins.  The pumpkin plants look much happier in the ground than in the crowded peat pots.  I may have purchased "Garden Blend Soil" but I am disappointed in it.  The soil in the peat pots was hard as a rock, and in the garden crusts over on top.  I dug in either chicken manure or a compost blend in all the beds and containers. 

Cinderella Pumpkin

This is a shot of part of the garden. Behind the camera are the cedar raised beds, one 4 x 8, the other 4 x 4.

Notice Boo got in the picture yet again!  Such a ham... 

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