Monday, July 2, 2012

Orient Charm is a Beauty!

I will admit, I only remember eating eggplant once in my life.  And that was eggplant mozzarella, hardly a dish designed to let the eater taste the eggplant!  So... why would I plant an eggplant in my garden?

Well, when I bought it at the Garden Fair, way back in May (OK, that doesn't sound so long ago now that I looked it up), I thought it would just be a novelty, trying something new.  Maybe add a bit of color to the garden.

It did!  The Orient Charm eggplant is a beautiful plant, with beautiful blossoms!  I hope it will produce beautiful fruit too!  The plant really took off once the warm weather got here.  The leaves are deep green and  purple. It had one blossom so far, but many more are forming.  I am looking forward to what happens in the weeks ahead! 

June 24 - Blossom and Boo (He never misses a photo op!)

Orient Charm Eggplant July 2

July 2

May 6 - it looked so fragile then...

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