Sunday, October 14, 2012

The First Autumn Rains and Last of the Summer Produce

It rained yesterday!  I can't remember the last time it rained.  Not during the summer, that's for sure.  There are usually a few summer rain days, but not this year.  Plants just seem to like rain water better than water out of the hose, even though our water is good quality, without chemicals.

You can't really tell how pretty the rain drops were on the asparagus (I'm still waiting for it to die back) by the photos.  The asparagus is so pretty and lacy itself.

Rain on the Asparagus - October 13
Last of the Summer Produce

I have one Lemon Cucumber left.  I grew four plants this year, not  nearly enough!  This last one is the plant from the Garden Fair at the County Fairgrounds.  I pulled out the FFA plants last week. 

Last Lemon Cucumber - October 13
I cut back the remaining three tomato plants so they will produce no new flowers.  Mr. Stripey has two fruits left.  I may pull the plant before they are ripe.  It wasn't a very productive variety.

Mr. Stripey - October 13 - not much left of him
Mr. Stripey does produce pretty striped fruits.  The taste is nothing to "write home about," as my mother used to say!  He's a "no go" for next spring.

Mr. Stripey and two Ace Tomatoes - October 8
 Yellow Brandywine is producing lots of big, juicy yellow fruits.  I have taken to sucking the juice out of them as I work in the garden.  Very refreshing!  A few have split in the rain.  The plant wants to continue to grow, but with nights in the 40s it won't last much longer.  I will definitely plant Yellow Brandywine again!  I will not save seeds though.  Growing from seed is too time consuming, and not worth the cost involved. I can get a plant for $3.00, and save myself months of effort.

Yellow Brandywine - October 13 - still going strong
Ace is a winner too.  Such a small, stocky plant, but full-size, nice round tomatoes.  It produced well, even planted in a fairly small pot. 

Ace - October 13
I picked the last of the peppers (Wonder Bell and red Quadrato D'Asti Rosso) and pulled out the plants.  I picked the sweet red peppers green, and they were delicious.  Next year I will stick to just the Bells though.

I will let the tomatoes go on as long as they are able.  I have no plans for their growing areas right now.
More lettuce perhaps.

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