Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

...come again some other day.  Little Lisa wants to garden.  Or at least be able to mow and weed. 

The rain is still coming down. The ground is fully saturated so the water just sits there, getting deeper.  In a strange way I am grateful for clay soil. If I had planted directly into the ground, rather than used raised beds, all my vegetables, berries, etc. would be waterlogged. 

The lettuce has been doing well though.  It's pretty! 

I like the pretty spotted lettuce!

I don't know what sort of lettuces these are.  They were in a "garden mix" that I am not impressed with.  My best lettuce has grown from seeds from Walgreen's, when they put seeds on sale for 10 cents or so!

What is a bit ragged for us to eat doesn't go to waste.  We have a Guinea pig and three rats who enjoy fresh produce!

Remy (left) and Dash (right) enjoying lettuce - December 22

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