Saturday, December 7, 2013


We got snow yesterday!  Lots and lots of snow!  (Well, maybe not "lots" to you, but "lots" to Southern Oregon!)

Enough to make a real snowman... you can't tell by the photo, but he is about 4' tall.  He has the traditional carrot nose; the other embellishments are wood chips.  And my scarf.  And I think my Santa hat.

I didn't know enough about them to realize you really do roll the balls around the yard to make them bigger!  It really works that way!

the herb garden

raised bed

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  1. Funny, wie also built a mini-snowman today :-) because finally it has snown here, too (unusually late). Your Thanksgiving-crop looks amazing, what colours! Have a nice and peaceful Christmas-time!
    Many greetings from Finland!