Sunday, June 29, 2014

WOW! The garden's really taken off!

I forget year to year how quickly the garden starts growing once warm weather arrives!  There are...


Ace - June 29

Sungold (cherry) - June 29

bush beans - June 29

lemon cucumber - June 29

lemon cucumber - June 29

compost heap squash volunteers - June 29


Golden Wonder bell - June 29

Blue Crop (5 bushes) and Legacy (1 bush) blueberries - June 29

I'm getting enough to freeze!  Plus I am making blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning.
The boysenberries are finished, but for a dozen or so individual berries.  I have a few bags of berries frozen. It was their first year producing, so I think future harvests will be larger.

Boo loves to garden.  Here he is checking for pests. Not really, he's the pest searching for his tennis ball!  I am not sure what I dug into that part of the bed to get the plants so big and healthy.  Those marigolds are going to take over.  The cucumbers have a long summer's growth ahead of them, but they are already forming fruit.  

I am off to bake those blueberry muffins! 

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  1. Oh how lovely everything grows in your garden! Beautiful! We had the coldest, rainiest June ever and it hailed so badly, that my melons died and cucumbers and squashes got totally shocked and leaves destroyed. Beans didn´t grow and everything looks like beginning of May. But now it´s warm - unfortunately (for the garden) my new baby is soon arriving and gardening is a little hard right now :-) Greetings!