Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pretty Winter Weather

It may not be winter, officially, for three days (the first day is December 21), but winter weather hit here a few days ago.  It's not much compared to what many people have for winter, no snow (rarely a bit), but we think it's wintery!

One thing it is, is pretty.  Very pretty.  I went out early in the morning to empty my kitchen compost into the compost pile and had to come back for my camera.  The frost on simple everyday things, like the grass, was beautiful.

Some shots of other frosty garden scenes...

orange mint 

plumcot blossoms biding their time until spring!

last of the year roses

wall flower - they don't seem to know when to stop blooming!

The automatic sprinklers came on at work yesterday in the early morning hours.  This was the result...

We had customers telling us about the beautiful icicles outside, so I had to go take a look.  We don't see icicles all that often around here.

Some plants don't even notice the cold.  The rosemary is blooming away like it was spring.

On the other hand, these were cheerful, colorful flowers just the day before...

gone but not forgotten - the lobelia in the foreground will be gone soon (There's Boo's ball!)

this one will come back next spring

Someone who enjoys the cold (in fact, he's happy in any weather)...


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