Friday, March 17, 2017

One Nice Day

Last Saturday was a nice day.  Warm and sunny.  I rushed right out to dig up grass (weeds), dig in soil conditioner, and build a raised area for the Stella cherry.

I got half done...

The clay soil was so heavy, it took ages to dig it out!  I used the concrete  blocks I had moved for the pea bed, and along with the last remaining blocks from the original pea bed I had just enough (20) to make this.  I added the soil from the old bed, but it's only half full right now.  Next "my weekend" (what I call my days off, since they aren't Saturday and Sunday, the traditional "weekend") I will move soil from an unused 4x8 cedar bed (it will be moved) and plant Stella.  She is still bare root, so I'm safe to wait.  I need to replant those strawberries in the block holes.

There are still bags of last year's Boysenberries in my freezer.  I used some to make syrup for whole wheat pancakes the other morning!  Just the berries and some sugar, simmered for a while to thicken a bit.  Once it cooled it was quite thick.  Not as thick as a jam, but nice as syrup.  I strained the seeds because the family doesn't like berry seeds!  I used the pulp on my pancakes. 

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