Sunday, July 16, 2017

Patio Baby Eggplant

As I've mentioned before, I dislike eggplant as a food.  I love eggplants as garden plants though.  I will grow one plant each spring just for its looks.  This year I picked "Patio Baby," a mini variety that can be grown in planters.  Boy, am I glad!  It's a really cutey!

Patio Baby can be grown in a container as small as 18", which is about what mine measures.  The "eggs" are ready to harvest when they are between 2" and 3".  They should be glossy; dullness means they are over-ripe.  I'm giving my first fruits a few more days.

The white is diatomaceous earth - something was making those holes in the leaves!
When you take the beautiful shiny "eggs" and the beautiful purple flowers with yellow centers, add a mini-size, why not grow Patio Baby?  No worry on the fruit, I'll take them to work, surely someone there likes to eat eggplant!  

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