Wordless Wednesday - January 13, 2021






  1. Mushrooms - an interesting variety.

    1. I love finding fungi to photograph. I don't know what the first two are, the last is shelf or bracket fungi. It's eating my lilac from the inside out. Decomposing it alive! It's beautiful.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, that's just what I think! I don't eat any, foraged or store-bought, I hate the taste, but I love their variety and beauty.

    2. Yeah, I'm extremely skeptical about foraged fungi, but I do like the kinds I can get in the store. Like you, I love seeing them and photographing them. I have a fondness for shelf fungi because it's the first kind that I learned about when I was a preschooler. Big ones--people could outline a drawing on the underside and dry it out and it would be lovely. I also just love the way they grow. In wet winters, I'll get a variety in my little suburban back yard, but this year so far we're something like 10% of normal rain to date and it's dry dry dry with no real hope of relief. Time to get out into the hills where it rains more!

  3. I love finding mushrooms and photographing them


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