Ripening Green Tomatoes Upside Down

I pulled up the Ace tomato plant. I still has tomatoes on it, but the weather is too wet and cold for them to ripen the traditional way, on the vine, in the sun.  So, I hang them upside down!

Ace - October 30
Yes, upside down!  I completely pulled it out of the ground, and just hung it with the roots and cage still attached to the top of a board.  This photo was taken the day I did it, and you can see one tomato was starting to color up.  Here is the same tomato just one day later!

Ace - October 31
Noticeably redder already!  And here it was yesterday... 

Not as red as the summer sun ripened tomatoes, but this is as long as it wanted to remain on the vine. It came off in my hand.  It tasted good, the last of the "vine-ripened" tomatoes.

I have set two green ones in my window sill, testing the other method of ripening.  The "hang-them-upside-down" way has always worked for me.  If frost is expected, you should hang them in a garage, or under some sort of cover. 

Yes, today was the Garden Symposium!  I went.  I had a good time.  I learned a lot.  About new things
and things I have already been doing wrong.  I will write about it in the next few days. 


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