Monday, May 13, 2013

Lemon Cucumbers

Such a disappointment this past weekend at the FFA sale.  Last year I got lemon cucumbers that were so productive I wanted to get many more this year.  But, as one student told me, they started their seeds earlier. So, they had a few lemon cucumbers (as well as other types and some squashes) that were already vining 18" or so long.  These vines are so fragile, I was afraid they would just snap off, so I only bought one four-pack.  At least it was only $1 and I won't be upset by the cost if they die.

lemon cucumber 4-pack - see how long the vines are already?

I showed them to The Tomato Lady (see previous post) and she wondered if I was going to bury them deep, like with tomato vines.  I hadn't thought of that solution!  So, I dug a trench, laying the vines down them with the ends up the trellis.  They look okay so far.  I do want more than four plants though. 

trench for cucumber vines

I planted half their vines in the trench and hooked the rest onto the trellis

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