Saturday, May 11, 2013


Seven new tomato plants made their way home with me yesterday! 

"Tom" the mystery tomato is from the high school FFA (Future Farmers of America) sale.  A mystery tomato since it lost its name marker, so there is no way to know what variety it is.  But, for $1 it's worth a try!

Tom the Mystery Tomato
Then, I visited The Tomato Lady for six of her plants. 

Sungold - an orange cherry.  I grew Sungold last year, and it was very productive and delicious!

Super Sweet - a red cherry

Super Sweet

Brandywine - not the yellow I was hoping for, but reputed to be just as productive and just as tasty. It has a lot of large blossoms already.  I gave this tomato a lot of room, and planted it next to a trellis, since the yellow Brandywine grew to over 6' tall last year.  My only potato leaf tomato this year.  (Unless I find a Yellow Brandywine somewhere!)

Brandywine (red)
Cherokee Purple - I wasn't impressed with last year's purple tomato, but Cherokee Purple gets such rave reviews I am willing to try purple one more time. 

Cherokee Purple
Tumbler - a small cherry with a low bush growth habit.  Tumbler may hang over the edges of a planter or hanging basket.  I have read it often stays upright, but it is small and appropriate for a patio planter.  I put mine in my new ceramic pot from Winco! 

Large Cherry - well, the name says it all!  A larger cherry tomato, a two-bite rather than one!

Large Cherry
Nothing says "spring" so well as tomatoes planted in the garden!  It may sound like a lot of tomato plants for a family of three, with only one member being wild for them, but I plan on canning some.  I had such success canning apples in November, I hope to add tomatoes and green beans to the pantry. 

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