Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A New Mint Plant and Rooting Others

Finally, I found a citrus basil mint!  I saw the plant on a counter at work, and it looked like a fuchsia someone had changed their mind about buying.  I was going to put it back out in the nursery when a co-worked mentioned how good it smelled.  Now, fuchsias don't "smell good," so I asked what it was.  Low and behold, a citrus basil mint!  We run out of those the moment they're in, which is usually on my days off.  Needless to say, it didn't make it back to nursery! 

Doesn't it look like a young fuchsia?  More so than the basil it's named for, I think.
So, I have to find nicer containers for both this one and the pear mint I recently bought.  I really can't stop buying mint plants!  I am on the lookout for variegated ginger mint and margarita mint.

My best smelling mint is my strawberry mint. It isn't the nicest, lushest plant (I really should look into this), but it is incredibly fragrant, just like strawberries!  I trimmed off a few sprigs recently and rooted them in a jar of water.  Mint grows super quickly and easily this way.  Yesterday I moved the water babies into a starter container.

Strawberry mint on the far right, in the pot.  The other mints are pineapple mint (variegated in the ground on left side), spearmint (middle pot), and lemon balm (not a true mint, but close enough!) in the pink pot and the ground behind the strawberry mint (it spreads!)

roots after just a week

four newly rooted strawberry mints

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