Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Colorful Butterfly Garden and the Big Wind

There are so many colors in the butterfly garden!  Not a lot of butterflies... yet.  Too many of the plants in the butterfly mix seeds are annuals, but they are self-seeders, so as long as I let a few flowers go to seed I'll be okay.  I'll get more perennials next spring, especially some milkweed.  I am going to take out the pineapple sage (nice green center plant with no blossoms) and give it the poor soil conditions it needs to flower.  Something tall will replace it.  The beds are shallow as far as the raised bed soil mix goes, but I haven't noticed the plants complaining! 

There are purple bachelor buttons, yellow Mexican sunflowers, dwarf godetia in white, pink and fancy pink, golden California poppies, red bee balm, yellow yarrow, white and pink dwarf cosmos, white lavender, purple and red salvia, white and yellow Shasta daisies, and several  mysteries in bud! 

Mexican sunflower (annual)

dwarf godetia (annual)

dwarf godetia (annual)

dwarf godetia (annual)

dwarf cosmos (annual)

yellow yarrow and orange coreopsis (perennials)

California poppies, bachelor buttons, dwarf godetia (all annuals)

California poppies (annuals that readily self-seed)
Last night  there was a big wind storm that brought a large amount of rain in just a few minutes.  Fortunately no cedar limbs fell, just small twiggy dead branches.  Unfortunately a huge sunflower in a container was knocked over.  It had put roots down into the ground under the container (through the drainage holes) so now it's wilted and won't survive. It just started to bloom too. 

Take a look at the size of that sunflower stem!

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