Six on Saturday - May 25, 2019

I'm keeping it to Six very shorts, very simples, but very sweets this Saturday.
 Six close up shots of flowers blooming today.

For more garden goodness from around the world, check out
1 - California poppy

 2 - Baby Blue Eyes

 3 - Up Tick™ coreopsis

 4 - Jewel mix nasturtium

 5 - knautia macedonica "Red Knight"

 6 - Sweet pea

There are of course stories behind each photo, but I'll skip those this week, as my vision is recovering from cataract surgery.  

One last thing, if you want to see mostly photos from my garden, check out my new 


  1. Nice pics. Wishing you ask speedy recovery.

    1. Thank you. The first eye was scary, but once I discovered my vision went from 20/50 to 20/20 I looked forward to the second!

  2. Lovely pics, all the best for your recovery.

  3. Glad you got good results w/your first surgery & hope for a repeat this time around. Your photos are wonderful, even w/o having just had surgery. Gardeners make terrible patients. Piglet in Portugal confessed this week that she once went to a plant fair on crutches which she hung her purchases on!

    1. That's funny about Piglet! How resourceful of her. Yes, my eyes are both 20/20 now, something I didn't expect.

  4. Wonderful flowers! I would love to grow California Poppies but they don't do well for me. Love the Baby Blue Eyes as well - is that a variety of hardy geranium?

    1. Baby Blue Eyes is a one of my natives, but I got mine from a mixed box of seeds called Pollinator Blend from the Dollar Tree!
      How sad CA poppies won't do well for you. Of course, I am nearly CA where I am! Just over the Siskiyou Pass. I can't stop mine now that they came up from another mixed package when I first sowed the Butterfly Garden! I did sow over 500 this year, and there were supposed to be purple, white and red, but they are all the CA golden poppy color. The others were from reliable seed sources too.


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