Skywatch Friday - August 7, 2020

Skywatch Friday has me paying attention to what's going on above me.

A bit of a change...

It's probably always there, maybe I should get outside early more often and see.

and a jet.

Where do you think it's going? It was headed South, but we can pretend anything.
Where would you want it to be going if you were on board?
No travel restrictions or virus concerns of course, it's our imagination!

The only place I'd like to be right now is the coast, and I don't need a plane to go there.
Anywhere else would be a winter destination, to go somewhere warm.  


  1. Beautiful photos! So many places I would like to fly to, hard to narrow it down to just one favorite. Someone was telling me about a phone app that, by using time of day and direction of travel, can tell you exactly which flight it is, with departure and arrival information!


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