Sunday, March 11, 2012


I moved into the house in June, 2011.  But, I bought it in Feb. and had access to it in March.  In April last year I discovered I had asparagus growing in what I thought was a weed patch!  No, it is an asparagus bed!  Yum!

I weeded them, ate them, then let them grow and die back on their own last fall before cutting them back, then covering the bed with a layer of mulch,  all according to my online research. Asparagus is something else I have never grown.

The mulch was removed a week or so ago, and I scratched in some fertilizer, which one of the dogs licks out of the dirt.  Well, it is made with bone, blood and feather meal, a dog's delight!  You can see how much better it looks weeded.  Now all I can do is wait and see if the plants come back up.  I don't really have much faith it will happen.  In the top photo you can see the garlic overtaking the smaller bed behind the asparagus.  It is gone now.  At least I tried to dig it out, but it is thick in there.  I also removed huge Virginia creeper roots (I tore down the dormant vines a few months ago, they were aged and just too much.) and plan to put in climbing roses.  

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