A Quote for November

 How sad would be November if we had no knowledge of the spring! 

 Edwin Way Teale

I ran across this quote a few days ago and immediately loved it.  How true it is!  Let's not forget though, even November has knowledge of the spring.

Wild violets appear and bulbs emerge. 








 Flower buds form on the lilac and peach.

Self-seeding annuals pop up all over the yard.

November begins the long cold winter, but the seeds and seedlings are preparing for spring!




  1. We had snow squalls yesterday here in New York State, and our last flowers met their end. The trees are in their winter sleep, the last leaves clinging on, but the buds are there and will faithfully stay tight on the trees until a secret signal sounds. That secret signal awes me. Exactly how do they know? They are rarely wrong.

    1. Oh, no! Well, snow's pretty. If we get any it's not until January of February. We didn't have any that stayed last year. I like it for a day or two. Orchards sometimes get it wrong. We've had late freezes ruin the pear crop here.

  2. It is good to remember that this too shall pass. Just like our current reality.

    1. I can only ask, "Which reality?" Pandemic AND the voting fiasco, they both shall pass.


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