Sunday Funnies, Snow, and Shadowshot Sunday

Three exciting topics this Sunday morning!  Lucky you! 

But, first, something even more exciting!  You can probably guess that I mean,


Excitment #1.  Boo lost his rope ball.  I threw it and it disappeared.  After searching, both of us, I figured it must have gone over the fence.  Boo on the other hand decided it was caught in the pluot tree.  It was a rope ball with lose ends, so did catch on things.  

I search.  I climb up onto the concrete block edges.  I peer in the branches.  I shake the branches.  I break off nasty diseased branches.  No ball.  Every time I tried to tell him it wasn't there he insisted it was.  Here he is, "Looking right at it, Grandma!"

After many attempts to find it, a pretty noticeable pink rope ball, I ask Boo, "Boo, you say it's in a tree, but could it be in a different tree?"

I turn, and there it is, hanging in the nearly leafless peach tree, right behind us.  What a dummy of a Border collie.

It was cold Saturday afternoon.  I hadn't realized how cold the night had been until I noticed the snow.

Yes, this next is the same view.  It's taken with my iPhone, an old 5c.  I was comparing its distance photos to a camera.  Sure, it's an old camera now, but, when it was new, it was expensive.  For distance, it did a better job zooming in on the snowy mountain while keeping the pretty autumn trees in focus.  With the phone it all got a bit grainy.  The camera has a macro mode, but the phone's camera does a much better job close-up.  This little test is due to something another blogger wondered on Saturday, what camera to get for birds?  Ramblin' with AM

I haven't used the camera in years.  I got it out a few weeks ago to attempt to get a picture of the most beautiful moon and clouds I'd ever seen.  The battery was dead, and normal batteries don't have what it takes to power a camera.  So, no photos of the most beautiful moon and clouds I've ever seen.  I have another camera, a little Sony that's also older.  It had no batteries at all.  I don't keep cameras on me, so I think the phone will be what I use unless I take a special trip somewhere, which is extremely unlikely!  I do plan to get a newer phone before long.  Not newest, but newer than a 5c.

 Shadowshot Sunday

The chances of lounging on the deck in the sun are low now that the cold and rain have arrived.  I packed away the umbrella, the butterfly chairs, and their covers.  The deck was an interesting pattern of legs and shadow. 

 Thanks for dropping in.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. Nice picture especially the last one. Good graphic composition.

  2. Unless you're a photographer, there's no reason to keep anything around besides a phone. It gets the job done.

    1. You're probably right. I do need more space on my phone though, one of the reasons I need something newer.

  3. Thank you for testing your phone and mentioning my blog - that is some bright fall foliage against the mountains and clouds. Definitely not the scenery one would find where I live (nor would you find peaches growing, although peaches can be grown along the Finger Lakes). I do have an old (over 10 years old) camera in the house somewhere, if it still works, but then I would have to remember to take it on walks. I may also be buying a new phone in the near future. Maybe.

    1. I didn't know peaches couldn't grow everywhere! When I first got my phone I didn't think I'd be doing much with it, so got less space (whatever it's called!), and found out I was wrong! Now I have to delete things to make room for more photos sometimes, and have to take them off asap.


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