Saturday, August 4, 2018

Much Miscellaneous - August 2018

Mostly photos I took today.  Some nice harvests, and I "found" some ornamental gourds! 

Frost peaches, Flavor Supreme pluot, Hoskins-Barger tomatoes

Frost peach, lemon cucumber, Provider bush beans, dandelion greens for the Guinea pigs - this was 1/4 of the day's bean harvest!

ornamental gourd - in with the Sweet Meat squash

ornamental gourd - I think

biggest Sweet Meat winter squash - I photograph it daily, it grows that quickly!
mini pumpkin tendril on tomato

Virginia creeper already covering new wire fencing - that didn't take long!

wisteria growth - and and up - the trellis gets pretty hot, so I don't blame it for not twining around it right now


  1. Nice! What type of wisteria do you grow? Here in southwest Ohio I don't think any type flowers. That didn't stop the garden center selling it. Grrr... The plant pulled my trellis out of the ground it grew so aggressively, yet not a single bloom. ~sigh~ Happy Gardening!

    1. It didn't have a name other than "Wisteria sinensis," which is the Chinese wisteria. Mine was only planted last year, and has grown so much already. No flowers yet, but they do bloom here.

    2. Good luck! ~grin~ And thank you for the information.