Friday, January 4, 2019

Winter Sowing - day 3

Day 3:

Beautiful Boo
          27 - globe gilia
          28 - butterfly weed (my own saved seeds, been in refrigerator since harvesting)
          29 - purple coneflower
          30 - blue-eyed grass
          31 - cardinal flower (tiniest seeds, I zoomed in with a camera to make sure they weren't dirt!)
          32 - rock purslane
          33 - Jupiter's beard (against advice, it can become invasive, it's in a Coke bottle)
          34 - creeping thyme (last year's purchased seeds, in the flat bakery container)
          35 - Indian blanket flower (I tossed a small handful into the new Pollinator Garden bed)
          36 - dwarf cosmos (largest Slurpee cup with dome for this and the blanket flower)
          37 - agastache Sunset (this and the next are in the small plastic bottles from cranberry juice)

          38 - agastache Rose Mint

My thinking...  quite a few of the seeds I'm Winter Sowing are from self-seeding plants.  So, I don't even bother to sow them in the soil to the depth suggested, I just scatter over the surface.  If they grow as volunteers, they don't get sown at a certain depth by Mother Nature.  The soil may shift during winter, freezing and thawing, but it will do that in the jugs too.  Another skipped step to make it easier and faster for me!  


  1. I love reading your list of plants - so many of my favorites. Once Christmas is over my mind dreams of summer's flowers!
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. They're pretty much the basic pollinator friendly and/or low water need plants. If they don't do well from seeds, I'll have to buy some at the nursery. But, then I'd only be able to afford one of a few types, not all of them!

  2. We live in northern Georgia and we have low water plants and deer resistant plants. I forgot to say how gorgeous your dog is. I see the other on your sidebar. We have one dog, chihuahua/terrier mix, and 5 cats!

  3. Boo! Funny enough, Dilbert comic strip creator Scott Adams has a cat with that name. :) Happy Gardening!