"After the Dust Storm" - thrift store art

Plein air oil landscape from www.shopgoodwill.com called "After the Dust Storm," by John Tryon. This painting shows Spur Cross Rd. in Arizona.  I could only find copyrighted photos of this location, from Realtor's sites, but if you do an image search (I use Bing, Google has it, but further down) for "spur cross rd. arizona" you will be able to identify this very saguaro cactus!  I think the artist was wise to  leave out the ranch gate.  

My favorite part, and the one I kept going back to again and again before I broke down and bought it, is the purple blooms, most likely desert sage (Salvia dorrii), also known as tobacco sage, mint sage, or purple sage.  "Broke down and bought" means I paid $10 more for a buy-it-now, instead of bidding, which risked someone else offering more!


This oil is still shown as for sale on the artist's online store.  All I can figure is it sold since it was listed (2012) and the information wasn't updated.  I did submit a question asking about the piece, but so far haven 't heard back.  Of course I'd say this, but I think After the Dust Storm is his best work! 


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    1. Me too! I couldn't keep from clicking on it when it was for sale.

  2. I really love that. I prefer seeing a regular storm in it and not dust, but that's just me. Do you still have plenty of wall space?

    1. It does look more like a storm kind of storm than dust, but maybe in the desert? I have lots of wall space to work with, besides the hall!


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