Wordless Wednesday - November 3, 2021 - Staghorn Sumac at the Park

 Wordless Wednesday 



  1. Sumac is stunning. Ours here was red.

  2. That's a big WOW! I wonder why it's called a staghorn....? I have a "normal" staghorn on my plant bench inside.

    1. I read that the berries are fuzzy like stag's horns. I will have to check when there are some. I also read it can be a problem forming suckers, which is what this patch looks like. Sure pretty. I think of staghorn ferns too.

  3. Such a pretty orange. I don't know if our common sumac where I live is staghorn or smooth; I've never taken a look. Although they sucker and spread, those red berry cones in season are so pretty, too


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