Tuesday Treasures: A Scottie in a Tam - March 21, 2023

I hadn't bee to my favorite Goodwill since August.  So, a trip was definitely in order one boring Friday afternoon.

I only found one thing, but it made the trip well worth it. I'm not a fan of dressed animals, or cutesy scenes, however this Scottish Terrier is realistic, even if it is wearing a tam.

This is an antique print of an oil painting by U. K. artist Lilian Cheviot (c.1876-1924).  More bio. here.  The print is 16" x 20" and it was professionally matted and framed at a local framers no longer in business.   It wasn't priced, and I was a bit concerned the employee would return from the back with it priced out of my budget.  Nope.  It cost me only $3.86 (that was with my 10% senior discount).

Signed in pencil next to the Fine Art Trade Guild blind stamp (left bottom). A blind stamp is an embossed mark without ink on a print.  

In the original oil painting the hat has what looks to be a red flower (scroll to page 7, or search "Lilian").  

The frame is not original, more's the pity, as others have the publisher and gallery labels on the back, with dates.  Most likely this dates to around 1916 or 1917.  Certainly not my oldest print, but I expect my most valuable.  

I realized when researching the artist that I know her work!  You may recognize one as well.  There are no public domain images of it, but you can easily find it online, it's called I Don't Feel Quite Well Today.  

Just when I think I'm "getting" how to tell print techniques, I realize I'm not.  Other of this artist's prints are online listed as "engravings",
however engravings have crisp, sharp lines, no grey tones, and lines from the the engraving tools all over it.  Etchings have grey tones, and blacks and whites, but they are created by a plate being pressed into the paper, leaving indents on the edges as thick as the plate.  So, a lithograph.  But, what kind?  No random dots (no dots at all) as in color lithography.  It's smooth, like my stone lithograph.  I have a lot to learn.  What I have learned is a post for another day.


  1. It is a good lifelike dog. And you got to learn lots about it besides. Win-win.

    1. I enjoy the research most of all. I've always liked the hunt for information. :)

  2. A lot of research and learning enjoyment for $3.86. What a find.


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