Skywatch and Floral Fridays - February 23, 2023

 Skywatch Friday

Floral Friday Fotos

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My skies were alternating blue and grey yesterday.  The fruit trees in bloom would have looked better against blue, but the skies were changing when I went outside. 

First, the pluot Flavor Supreme. A pluot is a a hybrid, most often 75% plum and 25% apricot.  The fruit is deep red.

This is an unknown sort of plum, and I doubt it is true to whatever the parent plant was.  It sprouted from a cut off stump after I moved in.  

A little tree came up on its own a few years ago. I  didn't notice it until it was several feet tall and blooming.  It might be a kind of plum.  The leaves are darker, but not like a flowering plum's purple leaves, just slightly purple.

The hyacinth only has four flowers this year.  I can still smell them as I walk by. 

A nice anemone blanda.

Tete-a-Tete daffodils are all blooming now, some flowers are already dying back. 

A different kind of crocus from my others is open.  I like the stripes.

Yesterday may have been grey part of the time, but it was fairly warm (61°) and the birds were happy. 

Have a nice weekend.

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  1. I love your pluot blooms, gorgeous. I'd love to try the fruit.

  2. Wow, gorgeous blooms! I've never heard of a pluot. It looks very similar to what we have in our front yard (which is in full bloom right at the moment). We call it a fruitless pear tree, but not sure if that name is accurate.

  3. Beautiful closeups. You have so many flowers! But yesterday, I saw (not mine) the first snowdrops. They are going to get quite a shock tonight as our overnight forecast is 14 degrees by tomorrow morning.


  4. Beautiful shots! I live in Colorado and we're still in the midst of winter and it will be awhile before we see any blooms. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Out here the flowering trees are starting to bloom too.

    Visiting from Skywatch Friday group.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  6. The crocus is absolutely stunning
    I visited you via FFF635 - AMARANTH FLOWER
    My link: 11. I hope you will join us this week at Wed-Sat at #WordlessWednesday (words welcome) https:// esmesalon. com / tag / wordlesswednesday/ See you soon


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